Denizens of Metrotown. Citizens of the World. 

Denizens of Metrotown. Citizens of the World. 

We Are Here

In the city centre that never sleeps, the yin and yang of urban life and restful spaces.

Make Your Place

This is the story of a city and its citizens—connected to city life, created for individual experience.

in Metrotown

Metrotown is a place of monumental evolution and inspired citizens. A significant hub of metropolitan activity, connected to urban amenities and rapid transit. Ever-expanding, always exceptional.


SkyHomes Soar
Above the Skyline

Levels 32 and Up

The yin and yang of urban energy and human comfort. We begin where others end—from 32 to 65 levels above the street. Restful homes of carefully calibrated design form an oasis in the sky, against a backdrop of unending views.


Zen in the City

At the peak of the tallest building in the province, a SkyBar and Lounge with private dining room, wrapped in a magnificent night sky.

Wellness and lifestyle as a personalized priority, with two levels dedicated to indoor and outdoor leisure and health.

Zen City

An Anthem
for Metrotown

With enduring vision for an extraordinary future, Anthem has become synonymous with the exhilarating growth and success of Metrotown.